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Welcome to our #Lunges4Lungs Fundraising Page!

Please visit Mallory's Blog to learn more about her inspiring journey through life with CF!

We lunge in honor of our dear friend, Mallory Smith, and all others who live with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and are awaiting a double lung transplant. Organ rejection is a critical issue that transplant patients face, and it has been both underfunded and underresearched. And it will continue to be, until we come together as a community to make a difference, support this cause, and ultimately improve the outcomes of double lung transplants for Mallory and the CF community alike.

The money raised through our #Lunges4Lungs efforts will go directly toward transplant research through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's (501c3) new transplant initiative. The CFF transplant initiative mission is to improve the care and long-term outcomes of individuals with CF and advanced lung disease by optimizing decision-making and access to lung transplantation, and improving longevity after lung transplantation. The CFF has established a collaborative network of 10 clinical transplant centers who are working together to improve the pre and post care of people with CF undergoing transplantation by creating CF specific transplant referral guidelines, CF specific post-transplant care guidelines and working on improving the transition process from CF to transplant.

Whether it's 1 lunge or 100 lunges in your backyard, at the gym, or over lunch (#lungelunch), EVERY LUNGE COUNTS

Here's how it works: It's up to you to decide how many lunges you do, and you also will pick how much you are willing to donate per lunge done. We suggest 10 lunges @ $1 per lunge... and EVERY LUNGE (and dollar) COUNTS! Our goal is to raise $65,000 to make a difference for those with 65 Roses <3 so even $1 donated for 1 lunge done is a great start!!

If doing lunges isn't your thing, please donate anyways!! And if you can't donate, lunge to spread awareness!!!

Be sure to hashtag #Lunges4Lungs and post your pictures and videos of yourself lunging and challenging others to do the same online! Check out our pages below:

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or kudos by email at

Everyday is Lunge Day. Now let's get at it!!

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